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Pimple and Acne are conditions that are related to the hair follicles of the face, chest, and back.This is a condition that may affect almost all teenagers during their puberty. Well, acne is not caused by bacteria but some bacteria play a major role in its development. It is also another most common skin condition and the bacteria that actively participate in its development is Propionibacterium acnes. When these bacteria get trapped in the skin, acne start popping out in the skin.

Know More About Pimple/Acne

In general, acne and pimples develop on the skin when the pores become clogged and that may occur as a result of excessive oil build up in the skin. The bacterias, however, irritate the pores and hair follicles and give rise to a pimple or acne. The most common forms of acne are black and whiteheads, cysts, redness, scarring, other inflammations, etc. Therefore, people who are struggling with problems like this mostly wish to undergo some treatment procedure that can prevent a condition like this. There is no sure treatment for such skin conditions but the available ones are found effective for most of the people. There are also some precautionary measures that the patients must follow to deter this particular skin condition.

Why Choose Us?

Inform Clinic's Acne and pimple treatment offers a wide range of treatment options that range from simple creams and lotions up to some other more effective treatment procedures. With this advancement of technology, people now are easily accomplishing their desired results for good. The best part of these treatment procedures is that each of them is least to moderate invasive procedures so the recovery period is short. The results that the patients achieve are permanent but some protective measures must be followed to prevent any future occurrence of this condition.

Treatment Options

Laser Treatment

Laser or light treatment is one of the most effective treatments that utilize the use of a high-intensity light. These special devices and lights destroy the bacteria and help in preventing the blooming of any a new pimple. It is considered as one of the least invasive treatment which involves no downtime or recovery period.

Chemical Peels

These may also be considered as one of the effective treatment that consists of peels of varied intensity. The choice of undergoing the type of chemical peels totally depends on the skin type and the severity of the condition.


In this treatment procedure, the topmost or the affected layer of the skin is ablated off making the skin raw and naked. The new skin in the treated area is disease-free and reduces the chances of any complications.

Topical Prescription Medicines

There are some topical antibiotics that may help to get rid of the excess bacteria. However, these medications include some side effects like burning, peeling, redness, etc.

Oral Antibiotics

Some oral antibiotics may also be helpful in showing improvements within four to six months. These antibiotics help in growing resistance in the patients. However, using this, it is very important to follow some instructions that will be provided by the surgeon.


Normally, people after undergoing any of this cosmetic procedure are able to return home on the same day of following the treatment. However, the patients mostly feel some tightness, tenderness, and discomfort during the recovery period. The surgeons provide medications, instructions which help them to return back to normal with a few days. But over avoiding sun exposure to the skin, putting makeup on the skin, maintaining skin hygiene is very imperative for a safe recovery.


This treatment procedure is no doubt one of the most effective treatment options but the procedures may be expensive. Moreover, these treatments may not work for all equally. Some patients will noticeably find a difference in the results after undergoing the exact same procedure. These cosmetic procedures also include some side effects like swelling, bruising, redness, tightness, skin tenderness, the sensitivity to the skin, etc. But most of these side effects are temporary and self-resolving.

Frequently Asked Questions

Obesity, junk food frequent dine outs, and poor physical activity increase free radicals in body which causes various changes. A regular, healthy routine which includes eating fresh vegetables fruits, with minimum 30 min of cardiac workout helps in reducing the acne.

Healthy lifestyle and good diet can help in preventing acne.

When it comes to acne there is no one treatment that helps. It’s always a combination of oral, topical drugs with chemical peels, lasers and change in life style.

Acne can fade away naturally . With age incidence of acne is high between ages 16 to 19. Sometimes up to age 21. After this most of the time people are free from this problem.

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