Mesotherapy for face


Mesother@py is a non-surgical cosmetic medical treatment. In this technique, we use vitamins, enzymes, plant extracts and give in injection form or through the electric current to rejuvenate and tighten skin.

Mesother@py works by allowing the substance to penetrate deep into the skin to reach areas where the cream cannot.

Mesother@py for Face

Mesother@py improves the health & vibrancy of the skin. It can be done using skin lightening products containing glutathione, kojic acid, and arbutin or skin hydrating compounds. The active growth cells derived from apple, ling or berry also help in rejuvenating and lightening the skin.

Mesother@py is done by using a fine syringe, dermaroller, or by electric current.


The procedure starts by applying a numbing cream or give blocks to make the whole procedure painless. Then series of injections are given using special short needles. Serums containing active growth cells, enzymes, vitamins are injected into the skin. One will probably need several sessions of Mesother@py to get the desired effect.

Benefits of Mesother@py

  • Mesother@py is simple, quick and highly effective.
  • Mesother@py helps in smoothening the wrinkles, fine lines and provides a youthful look.
  • Mesother@py has been proven to show a significant result in early hair loss.

Results of Mesother@py

  • Skin tightening & improved elasticity.
  • Repairs the damage caused to skin cells due to ageing or environmental factors.
  • Pore refinement and shrinking.
  • New collagen production makes the skin hydrated and supple.
  • Improved skin health.

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