Warts Removal Treatment in Hyderabad


Warts are benign proliferation of the skin resulting from infection with human papilloma virus. Warts can occur at any age. Incidence increases during the school years to reach peak in adolescence.


Transmission occurs by means of physical contact.


Warts can be commonly seen growing on feet, hands, face, beard area. Warts sometimes resolve on their own in 2 months to 1 year's times.


Warts can be treated with topical medication or electro surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contamination with infected person or injury because of pedicure manicure or sports. MPV gets entry inside the skin and starts growing.

Electro surgery is the most preferred treatment when warts are seen on hands, feet; topical wart solution can be advised for kids.


Cryother-apy is advised for anogenital warts.

Warts have high tendency to spread when left untreated. In some 5-10% cutaneous wart undergo spontaneous resolution within 1-2 years.

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