Mesotherapy Hair Treatment in Hyderabad


Mesotherapy is done on hair too to decrease the hair fall and promote growth & thickness, and improve the fizziness in the hair.

Mesotherapy for Hair

Mesotherapy for hair is done for thicker, stronger and longer hair. This treatment helps in stimulating the dormant follicles for optimal results, multiple sessions are recommended. Hair transplant patients are also recommended for this treatment for better growth of transplanted and the existing hair.


The procedure starts by applying a numbing cream or give blocks to make the whole procedure painless. Then series of injections are given using special short needles. Serums containing active growth cells, enzymes, vitamins are injected into the scalp. One will probably need several sessions of Mesotherapy to get the desired effect.

Results of Mesotherapy

  • Increased hair count, thickness & hair growth.
  • Effective in treating hair thinning & hair loss.

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