Dermaroller Treatment

Dermaroller Treatment

Troubled with Hair fall? Out of the many treatment methods, Derma rolling is one of the popular approaches done with Derma roller, also called microneedling. Derma roller is a device with micro needles usually made of titanium for best of results.

After trying all the home remedies, creams, and different shampoos one gets tired and disappointed of the active hair fall. Treatment ways like Derma rolling on scalp to reduce hair loss is one of the proved methods to help regain blood circulation to the dead and inactive follicles without causing damage or severe pain.

Derma roller is used to give tiny pricks on the scalp by medical professionals which begins stem cell production and initiating new hair growth. It also increases blood circulation to the scalp distributing the nutrients required for hair growth.

There are different needle sizes of derma roller from 0.15mm -3 mm. Smaller sized ones are used for topical absorption of hair serums and other products, while the bigger ones are used for used for promoting hair growth and are associated with slight pain and negligible bleeding during the procedure.

 Derma roller or Microneedling is a very promising treatment method for hair loss when combined with other hair restorative techniques. Talking to your doctor about all other hair growth options will help you ultimately to choose the right treatment for your hair loss.

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