Hair loss Treatment in Hyderabad

Hair Loss

Hair plays a major role in the beauty that brings confidence. So, in many individuals when hair loss kicks in, it brings a major setback. Hair fall can be localized or spread all over the scalp and can be temporary or permanent. Hair loss triggered by heredity is a common reason and some choose to live with it while others approach doctors to stop further hair loss and restore growth. Hair loss is better treated when consulted with the doctor, Dr. Keerthana Kalva regarding the reason and treatment options for the best results.

Loosing above 50-150 strands a day would be a major symptom of hair loss with additional signs like thinning of hair on top of the head, receding hairline in men, circular or patchy bald spots, hand full of hair while combing, washing or just gentle tugging.

Causes of Hair Loss

  • Medical condition and Hormonal alterations- Changes that happen during pregnancy, thyroid, childbirth, menopause initiate hair fall which can be treated, and hair can be restored. Other medical conditions in which hair fall is seen are alopecia areata, trichotillomania, these call for immediate attention to visit a doctor for treatment.
  • Side effects of medication- Drugs used for treating conditions like depression, heart problems, cancer, arthritis, gout, and high blood pressure have the common side effect of hair fall and it gets better once the medication is stopped.
  • Stressful aftermath- A huge hair loss is noticed after an episode of surgery, fever, emotional or physical shock, such kind of hair fall usually is reversible.
  • Hair Treatments and styling- Straightening, chemicals in hair dyes, hot air blow-drying, tight ponytails can cause fall out of hair and has to addressed to avoid permanent hair loss.
  • Family history of balding- Genetics play a role in acquiring baldness and it is commonly seen in men than in women.
  • Nutritional deficiency- Lack of sufficient vitamins and minerals from the food one takes or when harsh crash diets are followed, one experiences hair loss.

Treatment Options

Hair Transplantation

Helps restore the most affected areas like the crown and frontal part with the help of remaining healthy hair from the occipital portion, beard, chest hair if needed. This procedure gives great results for baldness and by this procedure the transplanted hair is permanent. It is done by extracting hair follicles or grafts from healthy hair and placed at bald patches or a receding hairline. It does not require hospitalization and recovery takes 3-7 days. Hair growth starts to show after 3 months and can be maintained like the rest of the hair.

Hair Growth Factor treatment

One of the best non-surgical treatment options for hair loss is plas-ma treatment. One's own blood is drawn and processed to extract growth factors and is injected all over the scalp. This treatment is completely safe with no side effects. This method helps stop hair fall, initiate hair growth from empty follicles, and helps hair grow healthier. To help with complete recovery of hair loss a minimum of 4-6 sessions of this treatment is required.

Mesother@py of Hair

Mesother@py is a lunchtime procedure where the doctor injects a dose of vit@mins and miner@ls filled solution to the area of hair fall, mesother@py has to be taken at least for 4- 6 sessions. This therapy helps supply the required vitamins for hair growth. It acts best when taken in combination with hair growth factor treatment.

Low light laser therapy (LLLT)

It is an FDA approved procedure in treating hereditary hair loss. Laser therapy helps activate the dead follicles to initiate hair growth and prevent hair from falling out. It is absolutely safe to take LLLT and one is advised to undergo 10-30 sessions depending on how bad the hair loss is.


Minoxidil which is available in liquid or foam helps hair restoration in the scanty scalp and is widely used. Once on minoxidil it has to be used for a prolonged time period and finasteride is another oral tablet form which is used in men to prevent hair loss.

Healthy lifestyle-

Intake of proper diet with adequate nutritional values is advised. Other changes include quitting smoking, having good sleep, reducing the use of styling products, and hot air blowing of hair.

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