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Non-surgical full body contouring with COOLTECH

Remove exercise and diet-resistant fat bulges with Cooltech technology!

The cutting edge cooltech technology has provided an effective way to reduce fatty content from areas like stomach, neck, thighs, back, buttocks, etc. This treatment uses a vacuum freezing method for complete body adipolysis (convert fat into free acids). The technique helps in removing excess fat as it treats localized fat present in various areas of the body. The applicators are designed in such a manner that they adapt to all areas of the body and can help to remodel the body figure completely. The treatment involves no cuts and no scars.

How does Cooltech work?

It is a newer non-invasive treatment that is an alternative to surgical liposuction for fat reduction. The precise cooling of the fat ce-lls with this procedure causes apoptosis or the controlled death of the excess fat ce-lls. Then the natural body metabolic process gradually eliminates the treated fat ce-lls from the target body area. The fat ce-lls are more susceptible to cold as compared to other body tissues like skin, muscle, and nerve. Thus it allows effective and safe removal of the fat ce-lls and does not cause any damage to other body tissues.

Why choose non-surgical liposuction with Cooltech?

  • It comes with 6 hand-pieces that are designed to target specific body parts.
  • 2 hand-pieces can be used simultaneously assuring better results in each session.
  • The overall high patient satisfaction rate.
  • A non-surgical method of fat removal.
  • Guarantees uniform results.
  • Full body remodeling.
  • Visible results.
  • Maximum safety. 

Ideal candidate

  • Those who want to remove fat bulges that are present in the side and front of the abdomen area.
  • It is the best treatment for those who want to do away with exercise and diet-resistant fat.
  • Women who want to eliminate post-pregnancy fat from their tummy area.
  • Those who have want to do away with love handles (fat deposit in the side of the body).
  • Those who have fat bulges present in the upper arm or inner thighs.
  • Those who have rolls of fat present in the back.

Mechanism of action of non-surgical liposuction with Cooltech

Principle Technology: Safe apoptosis of the adipocytes using freezing technology.

This procedure works on the mechanism of action of the biological principle of the vulnerability of the fat ce-lls (adipocytes). The change in temperature causes the controlled ce-ll death of the fat ce-lls. This helps to reduce subcutaneous fat from multiple areas of the body with utmost safety and precision.

The treatment aims to eliminate fat tissue from the numerous areas of the body and promotes full-body contouring. The procedure is a pain-free, non-invasive, and definite treatment for removing fat ce-lls. It shows effective results in all kinds of patients and has a very high satisfaction rate.

Treatment sculpts and redesigns the body figure completely and helps one to achieve desired body shape.

Note: There are different applicators to suit the particular body areas and to remove the fat. The accessories work at a temperature that oscillates between 3°C to -8°C.

The device (applicators) used in the procedure to remove fat from the different body area

A. Straight HP (application horizontal/ vertical)
Designed to target fat folds of 35 mm or more. Removes fat from body areas like abdomen, buttocks, back, and fat present inside the sides of the knees and hips.

B. Curved HP (application horizontal/ vertical)
Used to remove fat located in the curved body contours. Best for eliminating fat folds from the waist, inner knees and hips, sub buttocks, and from the back.

C. Double HP (application horizontal/ vertical)
Used to remove fat folds that are larger than 35mm and of considerable length. Best design exclusively for treating the abdomen area.

D. Oval HP (application horizontal/ vertical)
Used to remove fat folds from larger broad areas more than 35m, such as sides, love handles, inner and outer thighs.

E. Tiny HP
Specially designed to remove fat folds for smaller than 35 mm in reduced areas of the body like double chin, arms, sub umbilical accumulation, chest, and arm area, inside of the knees. 

F. Tight HP (application horizontal/ vertical)
It removes fat folds from the layer of fat measuring lesser than 35 mm and work best on the areas like hips, back, abdomen, inner knees and hips, sub- buttock. 

The temperature variation or difference is required so that according to target (different body areas) and thickness of the fat folds, the freezing device can be adjusted.


Frequently Asked Questions

The strong vacuum action helps to stop the blood flow and pull away from the heat from the blood. The cooling plates of the handle come in contact with the fat tissues. Then the lipids present in the adipocytes are crystallized, and they interact with the ce-ll membrane. The whole procedure may take 40 to 80 minutes, and one can see visible improvements after the first 15 days of the treatment. On the first day of the treatment, the adipocytes appear normal, and on the second day of the procedure, a light inflammation can be seen around the ce-ll. The macrophages digest the adipocytes or the content released by them, and one can see a decrease in the size at the end of the treatment. 

  • The skinfold caliper is used to measure the extra layer of fat to be removed
  • Then the target area is marked out manually
  • The cool gel membrane is centered on the area to be treated gently, and the appropriate applicator is adjusted in the membrane.
  • The patient will feel a pulling effect and a pinching like sensation as the skin draws into the applicator. The temperature inside the applicator is lowered and reaches a minimum of up to -3 to -8°C (depending upon the target area) and slowly freezes the fat ce-lls. As the temperature decreases, the skin becomes numb, and the patient does not feel any pinching sensation.
  • After the treatment, the applicator is released and the frozen tissue is massaged. 

The treatment is a safe technique as the treated area is carefully monitored, and there is a precise temperature control throughout the whole procedure. The technology breaks the fat tissue and causes a localized inflammation in the treated area. The excess content is naturally flushed out of the body, and one can see a gradual reduction in the thickness of the fat layer. 

The method uses cryolipolysis to remove the fat ce-lls from stubborn body areas that are frozen in a controlled manner. The fat ce-lls are eliminated out of the body naturally without causing any damage to the outer skin. 

Optimum results are visible after 5-8 weeks of the treatment. 
The total number of sessions:1-5 sessions in the same area.
The interval between sessions: 10-12 weeks.

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