IV Therapies

IV Therapies at Inform Clinics, Hyderabad

IV stands for 'intravenous' which means into the veins. IV therapies use cannulas to deliver the medicine or nutrients directly into the veins. 

Why IV Therapy? 

As the medicine or nutrients are directly introduced into the veins, IV therapies show quick results and enable guaranteed absorption of the injected substance.

How long does IV Therapy take? 

It depends on several factors including the aim of the IV therapy and the substance being injected. Generally, it can take somewhere between 30 minutes to 1 hour. Hence, it is a lunchtime procedure. 

How safe are IV Therapies? 

IV therapies in Hyderabad at Inform Clinics are very safe. IV therapies have been in use for decades especially for dehydrated patients. Now we have advanced IV therapies that quickly boost energy levels, address nutritional deficiencies, and also improve overall physical health. With this, instant results can be seen on the skin too. That's why nowadays IV therapies are much in demand in dermatology clinics. 


1. Immunity Boost

In a study, it was revealed that 1 in 3 people suffer from chronic infections due to low immunity. Our immunity boost drip helps protect and strengthen the immune system. A combination of powerful antioxidants with micronutrients helps you fight various symptoms of infection. It gives your system a better chance to supercharge and defend against all kinds of viral infections.

2. Energy Boost

This drip is very useful while recovering from an illness or any stressful situation like jet lag. It helps replenish the system with necessary electrolytes and fluids. It revives the system with micronutrients required for the body to gain energy and for the organs to function properly.

3. Bounce Back

This drip is designed to revitalize your system after your big night out and to get ready for a busy and active day at work. It is formulated to increase your energy levels and detoxify for better mental clarity in just 60 minutes. It restores the nutrition lost while drinking (alcohol) and removes the built-up toxins in the liver.

4. Recovery Boost

This drip is specially designed for faster recovery for the bones and muscles after an intense workout or after athletic competition or cycling. It helps in invigorating the system with the necessary micronutrients and minerals meant for a quicker recovery. It brings better balance by giving you better hydration and energy without any extra calories to continue your work on building the desired body.

5. Weight Loss

This drip is specially formulated to burn fat by increasing the metabolism for weight loss. A combination of micronutrients with lipotropics helps trim your fat and energize your body. It also helps in detoxing and cleansing your system to improve overall health.

6. Skin Glow

This drip helps you get soft, glowy, hydrated, and rejuvenated skin. It is formulated with various antioxidants and micronutrients to boost collagen which gives stronger, healthier hair and skin. It also boosts energy and metabolism.

7. Myer's Cocktail

This is formulated by Myer to improve bone, blood, muscle, and nerve health. It improves ce-ll maturity and boosts iron absorption in RBC. It aids in good mood and vitality by helping the synthesis of serotonin and increases the production of RBC. This drip also helps in preventing de-generative diseases.

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