Nail Diseases in Hyderabad

Nail Diseases

Nail is an interesting organ of the human body. It serves some important physiological and social functions. It protects the finger tips given deftness and precision in picking up small objects. Nails are of course most useful for what perhaps they were intended for i.e. scratching.

Nail Unit may show specific changes that are markers for a wide range of systemic disorders. There are no. of heritable syndromes in which the nail disease is an integral part. Nail involvement is there in more than 10% of dermatological conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cold weather decreases the growth rate of nails. Fingers get overly sensitive because of deceased blood flow to the nails.

Grooved or ridges in nails are harmless as most of the time they appear for no specific reason. Sometimes it is associated with trauma or injury to nail bed.

Underlying fungal infection or sometimes lodging of foreign body give these green nails. For fungal infection oral anti-fungal & topical lotions can be given for 3 to 12 months based on the severity and which nail is involved. Foreign body needs to be removed before any other complications develop.

Nail can develop both bacterial and fungal infection. Bacterial infections usually appear on nail folds and its called paronychia.Oral antibiotics are commonly prescribed but when it does not resolve with medication, draining of pus is advisable.

Ingrown toe nails can be corrected by matric phenolisation & matricectomy.

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